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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2013 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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>> supervisor breed: so, i actually have -- thank you supervisor cohen -- i delivered a speech earlier today. i don't want to send you through all the motions. i'm going to say how excited i am to be here, how proud i am to be the district 5 supervisor, to represent the district that i call home my entire life. the city people at the swearing-in that we held this morning at 10 a.m.; to see my colleagues in the mayor, so many people from the community, my family, my friends it was truly an honor. i held is wearing in earlier because i did not want ms. johnson to walk to the chamber door and be turned away; i do not want the people that i grew up with, my friends and family,
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people that i was raised with to not have a seat; i want to introduce my special guests, my little brother, the rest of the family. how long is the other one going to be? we will see you later. will see you at the reception. my little brother is handicapped with me, paul, please stand. don't mess with me. my brother is not that little. he and i were grew up together in the same house, in the same conditions, in the same circumstances. sadly i did lose a sister, and another brother not able to be with us.
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it is a good feeling to have a brother who was in the same struggle to be here today, both raised by my grandmother, who has alzheimer's and could not be here today. she would be really proud of us both. i'm here representing the family. paul is here as the man of the family. -- -- who will be one of the a's in my office4. these people from the very beginning met with me , stayed with me, supported me, drove me around, listen to the drama, and stood by my side through it all.
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i have to say it was one of the most incredible journeys of my life to work with people in the capacity of the campaign, there is nothing like it for people to see it through the good and the bad times and still love you regardless what you say to them. it is amazing. i want to say from the bottom of my heart thank you all so much for being there for me, for being amazing people and for caring so much about district 5. even when you gave me advice not always in the best interest, or in others interest, but it was always about what are we going to do for district 5. i want to acknowledge former san francisco supervisor, what am i good friends for many years since the days of treasure island, annemarie conroy. maggie -- (indiscernible) and
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maureen irwin, my campaign manager another aid in my office. ahmed -- amazing people to work with. in terms of campaign structure and commitment to probably have the best team. i know that supervisor mar and supervisor yee ran hard races, but i have the best team. i am thankful to people i went to, public school, junior high, elementary, galileo high school. mr. wayne at galileo sent me a check, professors at usf, it was a humbling experience.
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there are so many people to thank. the last two people that i have to thank, first of all -- harris, the attorney general. she came out, stepped out there is reportedly and has been with me every step of the way. i want to thank you publicly, our great attorney general for the state of california and i want to thank the person who has demonstrated what it means to be courageous, to stand up for what is the right thing. amelia ashley ward, the publisher, she had my back and supported me and fought for me. i want to say for the bottom of my heart thank you for being there for me. it means a lot. now, our resident of district 5 have a supervisor that
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understands the district; understands the needs of the district; and is prepared for the challenges that we face not only as a district but as a city. i am prepared to step up and to do what is necessary in order to make the difference in district 5. i know that we have been through a lot over the last several years which is why i thought it was important to bring who will be the third aid in my office, valie brown, who works for former supervisor -- a true advocate for the residents of district 5. serving in this capacity is what she is meant to do and she will do a tremendous job for the residents. i cannot wait to get out there in the community and do what i am here to do a supervisor. i am looking forward to working with each and every one of my colleagues who i was so fortunate when i was elected they all reached out to me;
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they all sat down with me, phone calls and everyone. know that you district 5 supervisor will have the support of so many people in city hall to get the job done. the job for me, the priority for me will be of course jobs. supervisor avalos has started it would local hire, and i want to expand on that to really get to the bottom of making sure that our people and our district and our city have employment opportunities i cannot .way to get started on my job and i look forward to working with all of you. thank you for being here, and sticking it out through this day. i hope i did not miss anyone. congratulations to the new president of the board. looking forward to seeing you serve the next few years, and hoping that in another two
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years they will be the potential for change in thank you so much for having % i hope that wasn't mean or anything % didn't mean to cut your legs off while i was out there. i am so honored and happy to be here and looking forward to serving as a district 5 supervisor. (applause) >> president: congratulations supervisor breed. now to the next newly elected member of this body, the newest representative of district 7, supervisor norman yee.
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>> supervisor yee: thank you president chiu. i'm not taking the opportunity to congratulate my colleagues who won the election this time around. and also want to congratulate supervisor breed for your very hard-fought battle of the campaign. i also want to acknowledge that by the way - us lions will rule this chamber. both supervisor breed and myself are graduates of galileo. better be careful. i want to first introduce my family. i introduce a lot of people last night, over 600 people that showed up at my victory dinner. they said, can you please not do that today because i went on and on.
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it is important for me to always acknowledge my family. they are the heart and soul of why i exist and why want to do the things that i want to do. they keep me going. they keep me honest. they make sure you don't get too big of a head thinking that i'm so important or something. they have gone through three campaigns with me. this last one was for board of supervisors but i went through two citywide campaigns, running for the school board. without them i would automate them. my lovely wife, kathy -- please stand up. (applause) my two daughters, chandra and carissa [sounds like]. (applause) and chandra, aren't you
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supposed to be teaching today? what are you doing here? i was giving advice of the la unified district. my daughter was here so often fly back and forth. my sister, nicky yee. (applause) and these two guys, actually boyfriends -not my boyfriends- of my daughters. they are like family. i have known them for a long time. we are part of really be extended yees, james and dan. thank you very much for coming.
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i have a bunch of company that i won't have to stand. my brother, younger than me, is retired! he goes, what you doing norman? you will be working for another 4-8 years. thank you nelso. i will have a debate with supervisor breed. probably a very heated debate. why? because i had the best campaign team. anthony, my campaign manager. helen wong, field coordinator. thank you very much. you brought hundreds and hundreds of people together with my yellow t-shirt out in the street. it's been a long road for me.
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it's amazing for me to be standing here actually talking about pathways that nobody expected. i was born in the chinese hospital; i went to jean parker. at jean parker it was a struggle for me; i realize when i walked in, there are a lot of people that don't really know who i am. bear with me, for other people have heard this and million times. i struggle going to school. i had speech problems; i stuttered. it was really my parents that pushed me, tell me i would be okay. for me to be able to talk to
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you, and maybe i will stutter but it is a personal achievement for me. my parents are both gone, but they would be proud. if you have seen the king speech, you know what i had to struggle with. (applause) again, i was on the school board for eight years. prior to that i actually work in the community for a long time. served people throughout san francisco i met. i live in district 7 for over 20 years. learn a lot about the schools in the parks there, my two
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daughters grew up there. it was eye-opening to go knocking on doors. i saw hundreds and hundreds of people who challenged me to deal with the local issues. that is one of the things that i am very passionate about. to go back and say here i am. i want to see if i can find solutions not only to district 7 but citywide. i am entering this chamber in a very good time. it's going to be very challenging. we have a bunch of very diverse, smart, committed people on the board of supervisors. they will - i believe this group can solve it. we can work together and get it
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done. the issue is, how do we move forward? what are the issues? the economy is getting better. so the issues will not be about cutting, but how to put resources back into the services we lost. don't put them back into services that were ineffective. making sure that whatever we do as we move forward that it will be a better place. issues i care about, really care about. education has always been very center to the things i have been involved with. i am a former teacher also. i work in the early childhood education field for 18 years running an organization. those are parts of my dna. other things that people are not aware of, i do care about health
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environment in san francisco. i want to make sure that we have enough health facilities to serve all san francisco, not just one part of the city. i want to make sure that our small businesses are supported. why? i come from a family where we had a small grocery store. i understand what it means to run a small business. maybe people think about 500 people is a small business. i'm talking about businesses that drive neighborhoods, support neighborhoods, give jobs to people in those neighborhoods. i want to work with others on the board of supervisors to improve the conditions support them , and make them thrive. those are some of the things, education, the economy. now that we are through the
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downturn, and dealt with the cuts, we want to make sure that is we improve the economy that we put ourselves in a better position to deal with these issues in the future so that people who depend on the safety net don't lose it. what i saw is, there were a lot of people suffering out there, and lost that safety net. not everybody but enough people. we don't want that to happen again, at least i don't. people ask me, how you feel? i don't express myself, or show too much emotion. but i am excited! and thank you for all the voters that voted for me allowing me to come here and to be able to serve them and
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serve the rest of the city. i'm grateful for the opportunity. i want to show that us lions will make a big difference in san francisco. thank you very much. (applause) >> president: congratulations to the second lion alumni in our group. going onto the next colleague recently elected to represent district 9, supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos thank you very much. first of all president chiu, congratulations.
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also congratulate my colleagues who were elected or reelected, supervisor mar, congratulations on a very tough, hard-fought campaign. i am proud of the amazing work you did. of course president chiu; supervisor breed, i was impressed watching your campaign; i think you had a very strong team. supervisor yee, i was very inspired by your comments and sharing your experience. i look forward to working with you and my good friend supervisor avalos, is an honor to watch you and to be a part of the many things that you have accomplished in my colleague who remain on the board, supervisors farreel, chiu, kim, wiener, cohen, i learned a lot from each and every one of you and i look forward to working with each and every one of you.
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before i make a couple of remarks i want to acknowledge a number of people. i would like to ask my partner philip wong to please stand. (applause) we have been together for a very long time, the love of my life and thank you for putting up with me. my parents, david campus and laura campos. if you could please stand. (applause) i want to acknowledge my amazing legislative aides who are sitting behind me and i would ask them to stand, nathan alby [sounds like], sheila -- stephanie ashley [sounds like] and philip reed [sounds like] was watching from home with the little one. amazing that people take time
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off and still was the board of supervisors. thank you very much. i also want to acknowledge the amazing campaign staff that i had because i too had an amazing campaign staff including kelly croft and seth richard, and all the amazing and incredible people dedicated their time, rosie dilger [sounds like] who is also here but so many of you. and most importantly, i want to thank the 24,044 voters of district 9, but who is counting, right? who voted for me. but also the other voters who engaged in this process. thank you for being a part of this process. you know, the thing about what happens in city hall is that often times it's the political drama that perhaps gets the
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most attention. a lot has been written for infants about the board presidency , what is going to happen here. i don't have a prepared speech. the thing that came to me was trying to put context to what we engaged with here today. was this guy who came to this country, and undocumented kid from guatemala. we have a democratic process where people have actually the freedom and the ability to choose for themselves who is going to represent them. it's something very special. and the local government,
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and all city officials and elected officials notwithstanding their clinical differences can come together and honor the democratic process. it's something very special. and it's something that i cannot take for granted because where i was born, and where i grew up, we did not have it. and what i was thinking about last night as i was thinking about today, i was thinking about the image, the very vivid image that still sticks in my head about how i came here. and i think about my mom, my two sisters and me. literally walking, climbing mountains, crossing the border, carrying my little sister. make sure i do not fall off the cliff of making sure my mom was safe.
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and i remember that dark night, when you are cold and trying to get through, you see the lights in the city on the other side of the border. and those lights represent a great deal of hope. a great deal of promise. and i think that often times we take that hope and the promise for granted. because what we have here is very special. and i am so grateful to my parents that they literally risk their lives to bring me here to give us that. and that is why i am so honored to stand here as a reelected supervisor. i want the people of district 9
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and the city and county of san francisco i know that this is the greatest honor that i have ever received and it is something that i cherish, and that i wake up every single day thinking how can i be the best representative for each and every member of my district? you know, in the last couple of campaigns, different slogans have been presented. i think it was our city attorney who was here earlier, who talked about that we want to have the city that works. i believe that. i believe all of us believe that. i would simply add, and this is my mantra is a take over again at the district 9 supervisor: i want to city that works, but i want to city that works for everyone. i want a city that works for
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those whose voices are not heard in this chamber. i want a city that works for every member in the district. we have to work collectively to make sure that happens. i want to continue to focus on issues that ensure that a city like san francisco work for people. public safety is a big priority. i want to thank the police department. i want to thank the community that recognize the public safety not just about having police officers on the street is important as that is but that public safety means giving people the opportunity to have employment, the opportunity to educate themselves. public safety means that we
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don't take constitutional rights to the extreme and that while we may support the second amendment we have to support the fact that we have too many guns on the street. when we talk about making the city work for everyone, that it means helping our working families, our middle-class families that are struggling. if you look at what is happening throughout the city we have great wealth in san francisco that many people on the been pushed out. the city of st. francis has the lowest percentage of kids, lower than manhattan, -- i want to thank my colleagues
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to help the families can find the city more affordable. to have a city that works, you have to make sure the public education work for our kids. we have the highest performing urban school district in the entire state, and one of the highest performing urban school districts in the country and yet many kids especially kids of color are doing worse in san francisco than kids of color are doing in other parts of the bay area. we as a city have an obligation and we are committed to making the city work for everyone to make sure that we have the best public education system in the world. we have to make sure that we do that. we talked about diversity earlier. we talked about ethnic and racial diversity. but sexual orientation and gender identity also matter. we have a long history and tradition in san francisc


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